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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A global company, Yale Forklifts is a member of the NACCO Materials Handling Group. This group distinguishes itself as the largest producer of forklifts in the USA, and produces over 1.5 billion in worldwide earnings. Yale is one of the most prominent members of this group, with the product line including several different types of lift trucks. These are then sold in Mexico, Japan, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, and the USA, among other countries. With a global outlook on the needs of the manufacturing market today, these forklifts are designed to be adaptable to any need. There are corresponding service centers and dealers worldwide to help consumers with anything they might need for lifting projects.

Yale Forklifts
Some of the main types of products that are included in the Yale forklifts family include electric rider trucks, pneumatic tire trucks, cushion tires, fleets of motorized hand trucks, and narrow aisle trucks. With this many different lift trucks in their range, they are then able to offer clients the product that will suit any size of warehouse space, be it large or small. These product lines may vary by region, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local representative before placing an order. These products are available worldwide, but the website is a good source of regional information for the company.

The Yale Company was founded in 1844 by Linus Yale, of Salisbury New York. He was renowned in the region for his inventive spirit and restless nature, which led him to design a new lock and key system that blew the others out of the water. This then led to the evolution of Yale forklifts, the design of which has been driven by this same inventive spirit. Today, these forklifts are known for their attention to detail, reliability, and long shelf-life even in the most extreme conditions.

Those who wish to learn more about Yale forklifts would do well to browse the latest offerings from their catalogue or speak to a dealer directly, because the product line changes so frequently depending on the latest environmental trends and technological innovations. Whether you are starting up a new business that has a need for a forklift, or simply wish to replace your current fleet, there is bound to be a solution that will fit your needs, no matter where in the world you may be currently operating out of.
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