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Yale Forklifts - All about Yale Lift Trucks

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A global company, Yale Forklifts is a member of the NACCO Materials Handling Group. This group distinguishes itself as the largest producer of forklifts in the USA, and produces over 1.5 billion in worldwide earnings. Yale is one of the most prominent members of this group, with the product line including several different types of lift trucks. These are then sold in Mexico, Japan, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, and the USA, among other countries. With a global outlook on the needs of the manufacturing market today, these forklifts are designed to be adaptable to any need. There are corresponding service centers and dealers worldwide to help consumers with anything they might need for lifting projects.

Yale Forklifts
Some of the main types of products that are included in the Yale forklifts family include electric rider trucks, pneumatic tire trucks, cushion tires, fleets of motorized hand trucks, and narrow aisle trucks. With this many different lift trucks in their range, they are then able to offer clients the product that will suit any size of warehouse space, be it large or small. These product lines may vary by region, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local representative before placing an order. These products are available worldwide, but the website is a good source of regional information for the company.

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Yale Forklift Service Tips

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Having access to a reliable service network is one of the most important issues that faces a new forklift owner. This is particularly true if you are relatively inexperienced in the world of forklifts or manufacturing. While you could take your machine in each time to a mechanic, the best service plans will provide service to your door or will at least give you a full support network including advice over the phone. With Yale forklift service plans, you will be guaranteed a support network to help answer any of your questions and keep you on the right track, no matter what your level of experience may be.

Yale Forklift Service Tips

It’s important to take your fleet in for care every so often even if nothing is visibly wrong, due to the nature of the job and the fact that accidents in this industry can be quite costly to all involved. Not only could they mean that you will have to replace a vital piece of machinery in your warehouse, but this could also lead to accidents. That’s why having your brakes, transmission, engine, and mast lifting capabilities checked on an annual basis is highly recommended, and is part of the Yale forklift service plan.

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Used Yale Forklifts for Sale

Sunday, September 26, 2010

There are a number of benefits to looking for used Yale forklifts for sale rather than newer models, particularly if you are on a budget. The price of a used forklift that often has the same workload capacity as a new one could be half the price or more. With such a significant savings, it’s worth taking the time to at least investigate what the current options are out there on the market. There are a few precautions to take, however, that can make this process run more smoothly and safely. To begin with, you must identify what type of forklift you prefer.
Used Yale Forklifts for Sale
Yale is a top manufacturer of several different types of forklifts, including those that are meant for narrow aisles, those that can reach to a high height, and those that are small and can be operated by hand. The model that will be best for your needs will depend not only on the current size of your warehouse and business, but also of where you see that growing in the future. Because purchasing heavy machinery is somewhat of an investment, if you think you will be expanding your operations in the near future, it might be a good idea to buy a larger or more advanced used Yale forklift model right from the beginning.
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Yale Forklift Parts - Combining Parts and Labor

Sunday, September 19, 2010

One of the unique aspects of the Yale forklift products, service, and parts program is that they offer a fleet service that you can sign up for with the dealers. This gives you access to replacement parts at a discount, and ensures that they will be delivered to you in a timely manner. In the industrial sector, time is money so there is no time to sit around waiting for your forklifts to be repaired, or wait for the replacement parts to be flown in from some other location.

Yale Forklift Parts

Another thing to think about in terms of the time it takes to receive replacement parts is that Yale forklift parts may have to arrive from abroad if you have ordered your forklift model from a region that you’re not currently living in.

Yale Lift Truck Parts

While purchasing from a global company such as this one has many benefits, one of the downsides could include the fact that then you have to find the service locations in remote locations of the world. The company has made every effort, however, to ensure that as many parts are distributed throughout their world service stations as possible.

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Yale Forklift Dealers - Choosing Reputable Dealers

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Purchasing a new or used forklift can be a big decision, especially for small business owners. If you have been thinking about taking this step to outfit your warehouse or other business center with products such as lift trucks, to help move materials from one point to another in the most efficient manner, you may want to consider the services provided by Yale forklift dealers. Yale is a trusted brand that is part of a global network of forklift service providers. They have a wide range of products that range in size from small hand trucks to the larger lifts that can move up to 36,000 pounds at one time.

Yale Electric Rider Trucks

One of the unique services that are provided by Yale forklift dealers is a system known as “Fleet Management.” This is a system that allows users to track their purchases, set up a monthly budget, arrange for regular maintenance and service repairs, and order replacement parts for their existing fleet.

Yale Electric Lift Trucks

In addition, it’s possible to have an expert analyze your future budgetary needs and figure out how much you might need to think about spending over the course of a year, which is a huge help for small business owners that need to plan their budgets that far in advance.

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Yale expands Dealer network in Russia

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yale has strengthened its commitment to the Russian market after concluding negotiations with three new independent Dealers. NPK Avtomatizatsiya in St Petersburg, LADA DC in Togliatti and Business Machinery Group in Yekaterinburg have become the latest exclusive Authorised Dealers to distribute and service its range of Yale forklift trucks and warehouse equipment.

Senior Management from each dealership attended a successful New Dealer Meeting in St Petersburg in July to discuss the long-term strategy for Yale in Russia and how to build the brand in the country by working together.

Yale Forklift

Christophe Maillet, Regional Manager for Yale Europe commented: “Russia is an extremely important market for Yale and we intend to work closely with our existing and new Dealers to continue to build long-term and meaningful relationships with customers by providing them with the highest levels of customer service, in the delivery of new forklift trucks manufactured in Europe and aftersales support.

“Expanding our Dealer network is key to the future growth of Yale, particularly in expanding economies like Russia. We are excited about the opportunities that working with the new Dealers presents and establishing Yale’s coverage throughout the country to provide customers with the national coverage they need. Local dealerships with excellent service response times combined with products and support from a true global manufacturer is what we believe is required to be successful in the Russian market”
Full news: yale-forklifts.eu
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